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At Digital Fans we are dedicated to develop new tools and methods that improve the work we do.

As we develop new methods and tools, we keep finding new mindsets and guidelines that improve our workflow and our client's results. We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join us and take not only their skill set, but also their job description one step further. We welcome everyone and strongly support diversity in our team.

All applications welcome.

We are especially looking for:

Account Manager / Business Developer

We are looking for someone that takes initiative, finds opportunities, and is smart enough to close deals and maintain relationships. You are the type of person that when faced with a problem, sees a bright future with a good solution for it.

Machine Learning Engineer

We are constantly building new tools and platforms that use the latest technology to streamline outdated processes. You must have a strong knowledge of R, and Python, and be up to date in the fields of DL, ML and NLP.


Come inspire us with your sharp insights, and crafty titles & texts. You will be an active member of the creative process and be in charge of what words we will be using. You must be fluent in Swedish.

Are we missing out on you?

If we are currently not hiring someone with your skill set, but you feel like you’d be a great addition, please let us know. We do our best to keep finding the next big talent, but sometimes we miss the hidden gems.

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