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Boost Your Sales Efforts By Using Video

Now, perhaps more than ever, being able to stand out compared to your competition is imperative. Prospects are being bombarded with regular text emails on a daily basis. By being able to send them personalized videos you're able to cut through the noise and grab their attention.


Implementing video into your sales process will instantly impact your business positively by generating more qualified leads, meetings and also has the potential to shorten your overall sales cycle.

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Trippel Your Response Rates

The number one hardship salespeople are facing today is simply getting a response. Personalized videos cuts through all of that because of its uncanny ability to grab attention. This has been shown to boost response rates to levels you have never seen before.

Boost Click Through Rates By 300%

The sales process is all about getting to engagement and getting that first click. By implementing video into your sales process, in the way we advise it, you'll be able to track how your audience is behaving and proactively make adjustments to further improve your results.

Increase Booked Meetings By 500%

With video someone can see your sincerity, see that you care, and get a feel for you as a person. It allows you to harness all those vocal and nonverbal aspects of communication to your benefit, which simply put - gets you more meetings!


Businesses across all industries that have implement video into their sales conversations have already started seeing success. It is certain to, in the near future, become the new norm. But by taking the first step toward implementing video into the sales process today, you are setting yourself up to gain market shares from your competition.

Gain Market Share On Your Competition

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You'll Be Taken Care Of By Certified Experts

At Digital Fans, our team of certified Hubspot and Vidyard experts will help you get set up for sales video success. We have helped clients of all sizes, from startups to traded companies, achieve their growth goals.

We have generated business results for many companies in Scandinavia such as:
Our 90 Day Bootcamp Program
Get Started With Video Prospecting

We go through the reasons why video is a powerful tool in the sales process. Determine your current status quo for prospecting, which we will aim to beat going forward! Show you how to do video well, and get you set up to start doing video right away.

Apply Advanced Video Prospecting Techniques

We empower you to take your video prospecting to the next level by implementing additional techniques that get your prospects engaged. We go through how to do social selling well along with video followups and sequences.

Add Video Throughout the Sales Process

Video isn't just for prospecting, but also during the mid-sale conversations and post-sale conversations you have. We go through best practices so that you can enrich your conversations further and benefit from the results it brings.

Deep Dive Into Analytics and Evaluation

Throughout the boot camp you have been putting your video sales efforts into practice! - We analyze the results together and discuss changes that can be made based on your audience's engagement that will boost results further. As well as discuss the action plan going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy something in order to participate in the boot camp?

We've partnered up with Vidyard which is one of the world's leading video hosting platforms for businesses. You will be able to get started using the free tools and scale from there as you deem necessary.

Can this be implemented together with a CRM?

Vidyard integrates seamlessly across a multitude of CRM platforms and services, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp and more. Let us know what solutions you have and we can help you get set up.

How much does the boot camp cost?

This 90 day boot camp is priced at €4900 + VAT per team. We also offer other sales enablement workshops and training sessions for teams of all sizes, as well as individuals. Every now and then we even offer free webinars! If this is something that interests you, feel free to have a chat with us.

We have a large sales team across several countries that could benefit, how many can enroll at once?

Teams larger than 10 people will be broken up into groups in order to ensure all participants are able to get maximum benefit from each session. Have a chat with us for an assessment and discussion regarding a package deal that matches your requirements and expectations.

Where is the boot camp held?

The program content, training sessions and weekly coaching calls are all conducted online. If you would prefer us to be on-site, please have a chat with us so we can discuss the details and create a special package for you.

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What You'll Get Out Of Your Video Boot Camp:
Dedicated video sales success manager
Weekly coaching calls to keep momentum
Access to free templates and scripts
Technical help getting started with sales video
Advanced video sales tactics and enablement training
Automation strategies that scale your business
Roadmap and action plan to continue crushing it
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€4900 + VAT Per Team

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