The Marketing Tools & Methods to Make the Most of Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns

If you have been running your Inbound Marketing for a while now, or if you are new to it, we compiled methods and tools that will help your campaign reach peak performance.


Throughout your Inbound strategy, you and your team will have to perform different tasks. They can vary from research methods to better understand your audience’s needs, to automation tools that help you send custom content to each prospect you have.


How well you complete those tasks determines how optimal your Inbound Marketing currently is, so to help you get the most out of it, here are a few suggestions of tools and methods that will help you reach peak performance.

Understand your audience

Google Analytics - See what content on your website currently has the best engagement rate, what questions from your FAQ are the most visited, what articles are the most read, etc.

Google Forms or Survey Monkey - Ask your customers, or who you have in your mailing list, about what problems they have on their day to day, what do they need help with, and what are their expectations in the area that your business operates.

Qualitative Interviews - The good old interviews that you can organize and invite a group that represents your prospects with the same roles, aspirations, and decision making power, and ask them about their routine, their frustrations, and their needs.

Defining Topics Of Interests

Google Ads Keyword Research - Define the content that you will create by looking at what people have been searching on Google, use your business area as the keywords and find relevant search topics related to it, create content that answers those search topics

Suggested Searches - The basic version of the Keyword Research look up related terms to your business on Google, and before you finish typing, see what suggested searches appear. Make sure your language and location setting match the same as your target audience.

Quora - Look up on Quora topics relevant to your business area and see what type of questions people have.

Facebook Groups - Find Facebook Groups catered to your target audience, and scroll through the content of its timeline to see the topics that have been discussed and get ideas of what content you could provide to them.

Project Management & Scheduling - There are a lot of tasks to organize in your Inbound strategy, from research to production, to publishing dates and ongoing optimization. is a great tool to give everyone a good overview and to define their tasks for the day.

Slack - It’s hard to sync big teams through email, especially when you want to launch and optimize as soon as possible, Slack helps you keep everyone updated easily.

Finding Creators in Your Organization

Content Guilds - A successful Inbound strategy needs excellent and relevant content to be created on an ongoing basis, leaving that effort only for the marketing team is not a sustainable production strategy. The best way is to find people who are interested in producing content throughout your organization, maybe a salesperson who likes to record webinars or a developer who wants to document best practices. Organizing a content guild with members from different departments will guarantee that you have fresh content all the time.

Creating and Organizing Drafts

Notion - Notion is a tool built for teams to plan, write, and collaborate. It’s a great way to organize your topics, researches, and drafts during your content production.

Grammarly - Writing is always best with an editor, and Grammarly gives you just that, it helps you compose bold, clear, and mistake-free writing.

Google Drive or Dropbox - Organize your files and folders during your content production, and let your entire team have access to them.


Hubspot - Hubspot is your all in one tool for Inbound Marketing; they coined the term. On their platform, you can publish blog and landing pages, track performance, and capture leads with custom forms.

Contentful - Contentful provides you a Content Infrastructure that allows you to share the same content into a blog on your website, or through a feed on your app, or in digital displays, instead of having to use different CMS platforms for each of those channels.

Wordpress - The standard choice when building a website that will have new content updated regularly. Made mainly for blog pages, don’t forget to structure your content correctly, so it’s easy to find and also to add Call to Actions, so you don’t waste the traffic your brought to your page.

Organic Distribution

Social Feeds - Posts are free, even though the platforms reduced your organic reach in the past years, you should still populate your feed with content that is relevant for your audience. Having a high frequency of relevant content posted to your feed will increase your reach over time, and has also been proven to increase conversions of your PPC campaigns.

Facebook Groups - If you have done everything right so far, you have valuable content that legitimately helps your target audience. Find Facebook Groups of topics related to the content you produced and share them there, some groups might require you to align with the Admin before, others are open for you to post straight away, so make sure to check their guidelines before sharing.

Paid Distribution

Facebook Business, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and Google Adwords. - A little money to kick start your traffic can always help, either by boosting a popular organic post, or scheduling a campaign that promotes your content, make sure you are targeting the right people.

Automation Tools

Hubspot - Once you start acquiring your leads, you need to keep nurturing them, and the best way to do that is delivering them customized content through Hubspot Automation tools.

Another critical step is to make sure your content is relevant and fresh. If you feel like you have all the tools now but need more content ideas, we put together 30+ examples of successful Inbound Marketing campaigns from companies all over the world.

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