What Is Inbound Marketing? Here Is a Practical Breakdown.

Inbound Marketing is a business concept to attract customers by providing them valuable content instead of interrupting them with messages they don’t want.


It revolves around the idea that your target audience’s attention has a value, so the best way to get their attention is to provide something that they deem valuable and relevant. Once you got their attention, you can focus on building a lasting relationship.


A well put together and well-optimized Inbound Marketing strategy will bring you a sustainable flow of visitors to your landing pages with lower costs than only running PPC campaigns.


How to get started acquiring more and better leads with Inbound Marketing:

1. Understand Your Audience

You can’t provide them value if you don’t understand what is valuable to them. What are their needs and desires? What are they trying to achieve? Knowing the answers about what motivates them is your first step.


Your second step is to understand their buying process. What steps do they take to become your customer? What is their decision-making process? Those are the answers that will allow you to understand their buying journey.


With the combined knowledge of those two topics about your audience, you can put together your conversion funnel.

2. Provide Value Along The Decision-Making Process

Your understanding of your audience should guide your content creation, which will educate them and facilitate their journey in becoming a lead.


There are three main areas that you can focus on:


Attract - How are they finding your content? Think about the platforms that they already use to find content, and how can you fit your content there for them. If it’s either on a blog, a social media page of through SEO, create a valuable piece of content that will raise their interest in visiting your page.


Engage - Once they engage with your content, you will present them with a valuable offer through a Call to Action, this offer should connect to what brought them there in the first place. In this Call to Action, you are exchanging something valuable to them for their contact information, so focus on explaining the value of what you have to offer.


Delight - After converting, you need to nurture a relationship with them, listen to their needs and feedbacks, give them curated customized content delivered through automation, and increase the value they can bring to your business.

3. Measure And Improve

Putting all of that into action will start bringing you results, but not the best possible results yet. That’s why every Inbound strategy you are implementing must be well tracked and broken down. 


With data, you will understand what content is valuable and what needs to change. What pages are keeping them engaged, and what pages are they bouncing off. And which Call to Actions convert and which ones need to be improved.

That Was The Easy Part

Reading practical steps is the easy part. We know the challenges that start to appear when you begin to implement them. That’s why we compiled 30+ successful Inbound Marketing strategies that have been proven to work for companies all around the world. You can use them as references for new ideas, or as ways to champion Inbound inside your organization.

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